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BlogsWhich type of Split System is the best air conditioner for you?

We know that when it comes to picking out the right kind of air conditioner for your home, the choices can be plenty and deciding what’s right for you can be confusing. Here at Arctic Refrigeration we have done the research for you, so you can pick the best kind of split system to suit your needs.


4 reasons to choose a Split System Air Conditioner

  • Cost effective – Out of all of the home air conditioning types, the split system units are the most cost effective.
  • Quiet to run – Mostly, split system air conditioning units tend to be quieter than other models of home cooling systems.
  • Wide range of sizing – With a large range of sizes, split-systems are ideal for anyone trying to effectively cool or heat any size of room.
  • Efficiency – Generally, split system air conditioning units tend to be more powerful and more efficient than the other alternatives.

Split-system’s consist of two units, the indoor unit, which is installed inside the home, and the outdoor unit. This is the general layout of the split-system but there are many different types for you to choose from.


Types of Split System Air Conditioners:

  • Wall Mounted Split Systems
  • Bulkhead Split Systems
  • Ducted Split systems
  • Multi Head Split Systems


Wall Mounted Split Systems

Wall mounted split systems are one of the most popular solutions for heating and cooling single rooms or smaller spaces. They’re easy to install, efficient to run and come in a range of designs to suit any room in your home.

The indoor unit which is installed on an interior wall and an outdoor unit which is placed on an adjacent wall on the exterior of your home, these split systems provide a stylish and convenient solution to heating or cooling.

Wall mounted units are available in a range of capacities to suit any home, with both reverse cycle and cool only models available.

Wall Air Conditioner Echuca


Bulkhead Split Systems

Bulkhead systems are designed to sit entirely within your ceiling space and distribute air through discreet grilles. These systems are for rooms up to 25m2. They are perfect for renovated spaces as they can be factored into the finished design to provide a quiet, efficient and hidden heating and cooling solution.

Arctic Refrigeration can help you with all types of split system air conditioner installations in Echuca and Shepparton.

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Ducted Split systems

Ducted Split Systems are a whole home solution for heating and cooling. With a discreet design that can be completely concealed in your ceiling and the ability to heat or cool multiple rooms ducted systems offer a quiet and flexible solution for any Australian home.

The addition of zone motors gives the user the ability to select which areas of the home to heat and cool. This allows a more energy efficient solution for your home. The most common use of this feature is to zone the living area and the bedrooms for day and night operation.

Ducted systems come in both medium and high static air designs and include a wide range of convenient features and functions, making them the perfect heating and cooling for any sized home.

Ducted Air Conditioning Kyabram


Multi Head Split Systems

With the ability to connect one outdoor unit to multiple indoor units, all of which can be individually controlled, Multi Head Split systems offer a space saving solution for heating and cooling multiple rooms. These come in a wide range of variations and can supply 12.5KW which is enough for up to 6 small rooms.

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How do I install a split system air conditioner?

Split system air conditioners must be installed by a licenced professional, so it’s important to factor these costs into your budget before making a purchase.

If you’re interested in investing in a split system for your home cooling needs, get in touch with us here at Arctic Refrigeration, where we can advise, service and install split system air conditioners in Kyabram, Echuca, Rochester, Tatura, Tongala, Shepparton and rural Victoria.

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